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Our Product
 1942cropped.jpg (35778 bytes)  

Our discs are indinguishable from the originals.  We do not use just an approximately similar typeface, like some of our rivals, but exactly replicate the sometimes quirky originals.   The design and colours are correct for the year.  The background lettering (where appropriate ) is present.

NB the images on this page are degraded for quick viewing - discs are printed from 10MB bitmap files.

We concentrate on annual discs for the early years (up to 1960) as these are much more attractive than the quarterly ones.   These always expired on 31st December, but the date on the clerk's issuing stamp will be altered to that of the vehicle's original registration for no extra charge if required (8GBP inc. postage for three identical discs).

 1969cropped.jpg (33230 bytes)  

As for the earlier discs, appearance is identical to the real thing.  These later discs (1961-93) could be issued for 4, 6 or 12 months and for no extra charge (8GBP inc. postage for two discs), the expiry date will be altered to the month of your choice.

We usually supply these to expire 4, 6 or 12 months after the issuing date on the stamp, but sometimes buyers not too fussy about strict accuracy opt for an expiry date the same as the registration date - to show the exact age of the vehicle to passers by.

All Years
 1964stamp.jpg (31401 bytes) For an extra 4GBP (total 12GBP inc. post), the issuing office stamp will be altered to the correct   registering office/authority. No charge for changing  the issuing date. this is a one-off charge for any number of discs in the same order.

I will complete one of the discs in the correct style for the period (no charge) or leave all three blank if preferred.

This will exactly replicate the first disc your vehicle carried, and will score you extra points in a concours competition.


The reverse side
backgroup.jpg (38025 bytes) The reverse will be correct for the year, including 1924/5 - the only years that advertising was carried.