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Completing your disc correctly
By hand
 1934written.jpg (66731 bytes) Until the early 1960s, discs were always completed by hand at the issuing office, as they still are today at the post office.  As these early ones were completed in a rather stylised "cursive" script, I usually supply them blank, as I will for any year unless asked to complete.   The buyers will then fill in the details themselves from the information supplied.  

I usually fill in the vehicle details on one disc, but I claim no special calligraphy skills.  Pre-1961 annual discs could be purchased at any time during the year, a reduced rate of duty being paid.   However, the full annual rate would be shown on the disc, the actual amount paid being entered on the selvedge (tear-off surround).

If you prefer to complete yourself, or don't like the way I have done the job, you have two spare ones to use.

I am also happy to leave all three blank (apart from the stamp) if you prefer.

Printed as original
 1973standardprint.jpg (45715 bytes) 1973largeprint.jpg (46300 bytes)  

If you would like your disc (1961 on) with printed details, I can do these as original (left hand picture).

Unless you want complete accuracy, they are much more attractive with slightly larger type as shown on the right.

Computer script
 1973lucida.jpg (47087 bytes) A very neat disc (but one which will offend the purists) will result from printing in a computer script.  I usually use "Lucida Handwriting" italic.

If you want me to complete your disc for you in any of the suggested formats, it will cost an extra 4GBP (inc post) making a total of 12GBP.  This also includes the cost of altering the issuing office on the stamp if required.

Did you spot the deliberate mistake?   "D" as a prefix to the number - should be the figure 7.  The numbers ran 1-9 for Jan-Sept, then "O", "N" and "D" for the last three months.

No, I do not consider myself to be an anorak.