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frequently asked questions
Why do you say your discs are the best? Other suppliers offer traditional printed discs (excellent but very expensive and no flexibility as to altering issuing stamp, expiry date etc.) or 100% computer generated ones with microsoft fonts that aren't quite correct.  These latter ones are also immediately recognisable as repros.

Mine are a combination of both these types and are indistiguishable from the genuine article.


Why do you not print the border of the disc with completion instructions (as original) as some others do? I used to, but it seemed  unecessary as the border (selvedge) is cut off and thrown away before use.

However, the main reason is that I print both sides of my discs (others don't) and with my setup, printed borders made aligning the images on both sides of the discs difficult.

I supply full directions for completion, or will complete one of the three free of charge.

Are your discs fade and waterproof? Very, as only the best inks are used.  However all inks will eventually fade (as do the originals). If a car is kept permanantly outdoors in full sunshine, this will speed the process up. 

I give a lifetime free replacement guarantee against fading as well as two spare replacement discs, making a total of three. If any faded discs are returned to me with a first class stamp, they will be replaced foc.

I am also happy for the buyer to scan one of the spare discs, so he may print further copies for his own use (use matt photo paper).

If you have any problems please contact me.


 Is it legal to display these discs on the road? Yes, now current tax discs have been discontinued, there is no reason why a historic reproduction cannot be displayed all the time.

 Do you do quarterly discs? Not any more.  They were of a less attractive design, and of a single colour.  I stopped because of lack of demand and too many variations in paper colour.
Do you sell elsewhere? Not at the moment.   Since last October the web sales are keeping me busy. I have sold at shows and will probably do so again in the future.
Can I get replacements? If your discs are not what you want in any way, return to me for replacement or refund.  I always keep supplied discs on file and will also print extra ones if required.
Do you also sell registration documents and MOT certificates? No!  Sorry, but I don't really want an enforced holiday in one of Her Majesty's hotels
Will a reproduction disc help me to authenticate an original registration date and enable me to reclaim a lost reg number? Apparently so - if you wish to do this, I'll supply several in "faded" form.  Send them a photo rather than the disc itself (for a motorcycle photograph in a "rusted up" holder). I don't guarantee success, but this has worked for quite a few buyers.
How long will I have to wait? Orders are usually despatched by return or on the following day.  As this is not my only day job, this may not always be possible - but any delay will be kept to a minimum, and I will advise you by email when delivery is expected.
Why are you popular, Gregory? I'm not especially.   It's "poplar", as in the tree.  I used to raise poplar trees as windbreaks when farmers were well off.  Poplargreg seemed a good idea at the time, and I'm stuck with it now.
Can I have one disc of each of three as separate years for the same money? No you can't, you cheapskate!  That would be 2.33 each.  You'll find British Tax Discs charge 26 for one - and they won't alter the issuing stamp either.
Do they have perforations? Afraid not, only realistic printed ones where appropriate.  The edge is only visible for windscreen mounted discs and it is almost impossible to detect that they are not real.  If you are patient, you could follow the printed perforated outline with nail scissors.

A customer told me he had used a sewing machine to create perforations.  When I suggested this to Mrs Powell as a worthwhile occupation for her idle moments, the response was not at all encouraging.

Can you alter the issuing stamp? I will enter the date of original registration and complete one disc of the three for no additional charge.  I can change the issuing office to anywhere you like for an extra 4GBP. This is a one-off charge for any number of years.
What if my pre-1961 vehicle was registered part way through the year as I see you no longer sell quarterly discs? An annual disc could be issued, showing the full annual rate.  The actual amount paid would be shown on the tear-off selvedge.