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Birthday Discs
With a customised cancelling stamp
  gregory.jpg (52709 bytes) I sold more discs for 1966 last year than for any other year.  It puzzled me for some time.  I couldn't remember vast numbers of vehicles being bought that year, and the colour is rather a yukky brown.   The reason dawned when I saw smaller peaks in 1956 and 1946.  They were being bought as birthday presents at forty and fifty and 60 years for people rather than cars.

Here's a fun present for the motoring enthusiast!  I'll produce two tax discs with the cancelling stamp altered to the recipient's date of birth and birthplace + the text of your choice, however for female recipients it would probably be advisable to avoid use of the taxation class "BICYCLE".

"LICENCES" in this 1947 one could be changed to "SOMERSET".

This will cost 12GBP inc postage for two discs.

With cancelling stamp replaced with a photo
sarah.jpg (59467 bytes)

annie.jpg (47134 bytes)

You can have whatever text you like on the body of the disc and in the boxes.  It can be similar to what you would have on a vehicle, perhaps using a registration number such as "STE 7E" for someone called steve, or whatever else you may wish.

If you prefer, I'll leave it blank for you to add your own text.

For a total of 16GBP inc postage, you can have two identical discs with the cancelling stamp replaced with a photograph.  Note that this is printed as part of the disc, and not "stuck on".  All you need do is email a good quality image which I will crop, or lend me a print to scan.

This works best on the later designs, which have a circular area reserved for the stamp, but can be done for any year.

On these later discs, I have replaced "EXPIRING" with "ISSUED" and the actual date of birth.

Later designs
  chloe.jpg (48082 bytes) This 1988 disc which I did some time ago does not actually have the correct design for the year, but the older pattern is rather more attractive than the correct one below.

The security lettering, which should read "FEB 88" has been altered to the actual date of birth.

The 1980s
1981.jpg (35819 bytes) With 1978-1987 discs, the upper date as well can be the birthdate ("Expiring" again altered to "ISSUED")