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All years available 1921 - 2015

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We have been selling reproduction tax discs for the last fourteen years and consider that we provide the best value and service in this market. For a quick overview, see my faq

  Other vendors can't match this!

* "Basic" disc is only 7 GBPounds - others charge over three times as much.

* Two spare discs are supplied as backup - total of three.

* Date of issue on the rubber stamp altered to registration date of your vehicle (no extra charge)

* Discs will be supplied blank, or for no extra charge completed by hand in the correct text for the period, printed text in original style or computer script.

* Issuing office on the stamp will be altered to the original issuing office or any location of your choice for only 4 GBP extra (for three discs), This is a "one off" charge for multiple orders.

* Any month of the year for expiry date on post 1960 discs.

*We send on approval - no need to pay anything when ordering.  Any changes made free of charge.

* All orders kept on file and will be reprinted free of charge if faded, damaged or lost in the future.

* Friendly personal service.

"The last rivet to be counted!" - Ken Bryant





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                  A,B,C, PSV, tractor, welsh, Northern Ireland and all years uo to 2015

special discs also created - email me

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      we stock Halcyon and Desmo Barnacle period holders.

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brilliant quality, including background security lettering where appropriate.

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