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The Law and Tax Discs
Where to mount them - car
  DSCF1511.jpg (18295 bytes) Official discs had to be displayed behind glass, and be clearly visible from the front of the vehicle.

For a car, this was usually the left hand bottom corner of the windscreen.

Rather than use a modern holder like this, Google "Desmo disc holder" to find suppliers of the old suction type.

Motorcycle tax discs were generally displayed in a purpose made glass fronted holder mounted on the left hand side of the machine.  Older bikes usually used the left headlamp mounting bolt.

You can purchase motorcycle disc holders from this website - see link above.


Where to mount them - motorcycle
 DSCF1514.jpg (48644 bytes)  

It has always been legal to use a vehicle on the road using a reproduction disc (apart from a reproduction of an official one of course), but a current one had also to be shown, as in the picture

Now the current tax disc has been abolished, things are much better - only one disc needed!


  cub.jpg (63356 bytes) One of my customers, Alan Goff made a great job of restoring this Triumph Tiger Cub.

He had the current disc on the left hand side, with an additional holder for the 1963 reproduction one on the right.