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Mini Moke - the only way to travel, at any speed

These photos might stop you being disrespectful to my favourite transport.

Supercharged hill climbing Moke ("Spoke") - HOA 124D

This was a very special racing Moke.  In the late1960's it made many appearances at sprints and hill climbs (Prestcott, Shelsley etc.).  It had a supercharged 1275 Cooper 'S' engine developing 150 bhp.  It had a supercharger modified from  a Comet airliner cabin pressuriser unit.  You will recognise the location below as the start of the Shelsley climb, and it was being piloted by either Raymond Baxter or Reg Phillips.  The year was 1968.

The second photo shows it in its present form, after restoration.  Like all the best Mokes, it will soldier on, ignoring the laughter of the ignorant masses.

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